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Site selection appraisal and promotion

Choosing the right site is critical in terms of gaining consent, whether your project is large or small.

We will draw upon previous experience, for example, Sheena’s involvement in the RTPI award-winning Thames Tunnel project.  Sheena was responsible over a 4 year period for managing the site selection exercise used to identify 24 work sites along the length of the River Thames from west to east London. A bespoke methodology was developed in consultation with stakeholders, and used to identify an initial long-list of sites. The long-list was subjected to increasingly detailed appraisal in order to arrive at a short list and then the preferred sites.

Whilst very few projects are quite that complex, the same principles hold true: identifying a site that accords with planning policy, meets an identified need and minimises social, economic and environmental impacts.

Where necessary we will work on your behalf to promote your site for development via the local plan making process.

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